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What is it?
  Geisterfahrer is a game for the iPad in which you drive on the wrong side of the Autobahn.
  The challenge is to escape oncoming cars as long as possible. The only control you have is to steer left and right.
  While the game goes on speed is continuously increasing and so are the number of oncoming cars.
  Each 20 meters gets you 10 points and each car passed another 5 points.

  This game is extremely addictive due to its simplicity and inevident longing to reach higher scores.

  Go to the app store on your iPad and search for 'Geisterfahrer'. You can purchase the game for just $2.99 (Euro 2.39)

What does the word 'Geisterfahrer' mean?
  There appears to be no common translation for the German word 'Geisterfahrer'. A literal translation (which is used sometimes, but not so often) is 'ghost driver'.
  Obviously, it's describing somebody driving on the wrong side of the 'Autobahn' (motorway, freeway).
  And as native English speakers love those German words like 'Glockenspiel', Kindergarten', 'Doppelgaenger', 'Blitzkrieg' and so forth, the term 'Geisterfahrer' becomes increasingly popular.